We monitor and report on our grant giving and fund management.

Gloucestershire Community Foundation's endowment currently stands at  c.£6 million. Our portfolio is split between three fund managers (Ruffer, Rathbones and CCLA) who invest in a variety of financial instruments in order to obtain a mix of capital growth and income. 

The mandate set by the Trustees for the fund managers is RPI+4%.  With volatile stock markets the fund value varies quarterly but taking a 3-5 year view the mandate has been achieved consistently.

Gloucestershire Community Foundation has a Service Level Agreement with Quartet Community Foundation, who provide Grants, Finance, Operational and strategic services ensuring that our administrative costs are kept to a minimum.

Our accounts are audited annually by Cheltenham based accountants Randall & Payne LLP, copies of our most recent Trustee report and accounts can be downloaded as follows:

2018 Annual Accounts

2017 Annual Accounts

2016 Annual Accounts

2015 Annual Accounts

2014 Annual Accounts

2013 Annual Accounts

2012 Annual Accounts