Our role is to help individuals, families, entrepreneurs, companies, charitable trusts and public sector bodies connect with, support and invest in Gloucestershire. We handle all the administration involved in making charitable donations, ensuring that funds are well managed and donations go to those who need it most.

Flexible and tailored giving

  • We help you to set the criteria of your giving - grants can be based on, among others: cause, age of beneficiary, geographic area

  • We do the research and present you with a range of projects

  • You can be involved as much or as little as you want - or you prefer, you can leave it up to us to allocate grants to a range of causes across the county of Gloucestershire

  • You can make a gift of money or an item of value such as shares, property or other investments to set up a fund

  • You can leave a gift in your Will

  • You can request that grants are paid out in the name of your fund, or anonymously 

Managing your funds

When we manage your funds we are clear about the costs - and benefits - of working with a community foundation. 

Initial endowment entry charge is 4% which includes a 1% management charge, the remaining 3% is invested in grants to local charities. However for revenue or flow-through funds, the management charge is 10%. The costs incurred for administering a fund are spread over our many clients. Typically, preparation for the charity commission registration is £10,000 + annual audit £5,000 + day to day admin of £5,000.

Who benefits?

We make a real difference to disadvantaged people and communities here in Gloucestershire. As a community foundation, we are able to offer grants to help with specific projects, capital or core costs. Typically, our grants help to do good in their local community by helping to establish or maintain projects that:

  • Help build specific skills in people because they lack them, such as employability

  • Address people’s immediate and critical needs (food, shelter, safety)

  • Develop people holistically – to have control and agency over their life

  • Build relationships and associations between people.

Find out more

If you are interested in developing your giving strategy, take a look at the detail here or contact Catherine Kevis on 07557 478855 [email protected]