This photo of a beautiful cold, crisp morning in Gloucestershire encourages us to take a walk and eventually return to a cosy warm home.  For some, winter means suffering in isolation.  This issue still happens on a large scale with 100s of Gloucestershire people dying during the winter months after finding themselves in fuel poverty; others such as young families find themselves in hardship, having to make a choice between eat or heat.  This highlights the importance of the Surviving Winter Appeal; every year local people donating their winter fuel allowance, as long as they do not need it themselves, can save lives.

The Surviving Winter Appeal originally launched by Gloucestershire Community Foundation over 6 years ago has helped hundreds of local people in fuel poverty.

There are two ways to make a donation to this appeal: 

by donating online

or by completing the SW donation form and sending it with your cheque to our address (as noted on the form)

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