Gloucestershire Community Foundation has secured £30,000 to encourage young people to get involved in community action.

The Fund is part of the government’s pledge to support the #Iwill  campaign, which aims to increase participation in youth social action (volunteering, fundraising and campaigning) by 50% by 2020.

Catherine Kevis, development director at GCF said: “This money is available to inspire and encourage young people who want to volunteer, fundraise and campaign in their local community. There is clear evidence that social action has a positive impact on a young person’s character and helps to prepare them for life and work. We are also close to reaching our target of £60,000 in Gloucestershire thanks to match funding from local donors”.

Grants are now available and research conducted in 2016 found that:

·        young people participating in social action have stronger personal networks and higher life satisfaction

·        young people who have participated in social action programmes recognise that their activities had some benefit for both themselves and others

·        95% participating in meaningful social action received encouragement, compared to 45% of those who have never participated.

For details of the fund and how to apply go to the grants page>>

If you want to donate to the Youth Social Fund please contact Catherine Kevis on 0755 747 8855.