If you are new to giving and want to explore the benefits of setting up a charitable fund, then we can help. Community foundations offer the perfect way to give back to your local community, providing the best advice on making the most of your investment locally. Here in Gloucestershire we are working hard to reduce disadvantage by supporting projects across the county, to find out more about Gloucestershire's story, read the latest report here>>

The benefits of giving

Before you start, you might want to know about the tax benefits of individual giving. Here are some useful external links:

Gift of Shares

Individuals are able to get tax relief for gifts to charity of certain listed shares, securities and other investments when calculating their income for tax purposes.  You can get this income tax relief, in addition to the capital gains tax relief on gifts of assets to charity.  The tax relief applies if you give, or sell at less than market value, any qualifying investments to a UK charity.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid means that we can claim the tax back from the donation you have made, as long as you are a UK tax payer.  This means that we get 25p back from the HMRC for every £l that you donate.  A Gift Aid Declaration does not involve any complicated procedures.  Once executed, the Declaration operates for all future donations to Gloucestershire Community Foundation by that individual.

To discuss your giving strategy please get in touch with Talitha Nelson, CEO on 07557 478855