Since the 16th of March 2020 our county and GCF has seen a time of seismic change in relation to a pandemic that has affected the whole world. 

We have gone through every emotion seeing the impact of the pandemic close up, having learnt first hand how charities and community organisations have pivoted and responded so quickly, by being agile, purposeful and so hard working throughout this crisis. It’s been  extremely humbling to witness. 

We have been proud to be an essential part of serving our community ensuring vital resources have got to those who need it quickly, making sure that people were supported and of course, most importantly, that they didn’t feel alone in such a difficult time.  

In 2020, our COVID-19 Emergency Response Grants, along with our other Grant Programmes, are projected to award £1.2 million by way of grants. Between three and four times our previous yearly totals. Grants have been made to a diverse range of organisations. From supporting emergency basic human needs, to helping breast feeding mothers, bicycles for NHS workers, to men in sheds. From child counselling to support for senior citizens who are frail and/or lonely.  

The end of the first lockdown allowed GCF a short period to reflect and rebuild. Crucially, we also used this time to undertake an important analysis of current local needs, which could help the local third sector recover. The results of our research presented in this  report will help shape some of our work into 2021, enabling us to continue to support where we are most needed.  

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, The Hitchins Family Trust and CCLA, for generously supporting this research work and publication.

The summary report can be found here 

The long report can be found here