Mindsong approached GCF for support through the Coronavirus Response Fund in May 2020, having previously received funding from GCF towards their regular work. The charity has three main services: Music Therapy @ Home, Meaningful Music singing groups in care homes, and Music Therapy in care homes.

Although care homes were closed, innovative ways of using music continued online. However, it was crucial to continue providing music therapy for people with complex dementia at home and support for their carers; ‘[t]hese are high risk individuals, who cannot access their usual respite care, who are isolated, elderly, and frail.’ With strict protocols in place, Mindsong was able to offer much needed therapy to 24 of their 34 clients either online or face-to-face.

Each person received a bespoke package of weekly hour-long sessions via Zoom, or with DVDs and CDs plus regular calls to support carers at a challenging time. Where they were able, therapists offered Garden Sessions, reaching clients from driveways, patios or even the pavement. They wrote to GCF, ‘There is no one else working in the county in the way that we do and we have taken the decision to reopen for referrals and we are already seeing our client list grow by an average of 4 referrals a day’.