GL11 is the hub at the heart of the community in Cam and Dursley. Whilst they are open to all, they target many services of support and intervention to the most vulnerable people of all ages in the area.

GL11 was successful in receiving Coronavirus Emergency Response funding to expand their network of on- the-ground volunteers in April 2020. They came back to GCF to request funding for food parcels in August. Initially, we were reluctant to provide this funding because many local contacts said that they felt with lockdown easing there was less urgent need for food. Because we know GL11 is well-respected in their community, we decided to inquire further from Chief Executive Indigo Redfern.

Indigo explained that GL11 hosts Stroud Food Bank, a part of Trussell Trust which oversees most foodbanks across Gloucestershire. An individual or family can receive up to three food bank vouchers in a six-month period. Each voucher provides approximately three days of food, and no more than one voucher may be redeemed in a ten-day period. Indigo told us that by August, families who had begun using the foodbank in March may already have used up their provision of emergency food. Furthermore, the foodbank does not generally provide fresh food, washing detergent, or loo roll. And because vouchers must be distributed by a local agency, many families were still under the radar and in food poverty. This additional information was crucial in informing the grants committee to award GL11 a second grant.

GCFs willingness to be challenged in our assumptions; and our willingness to take the time to learn from individuals delivering support on the grounds, means our fund distribution gets to the heart of communities in need.