As well as running quality checks in care settings and their Hubs , Inclusion Gloucestershire are always busy creating exciting and innovative opportunities for disabled people. Inclusion Gloucestershire work collaboratively whenever they can and one of these unique collaborations is with Twocan Inclusive Theatre. A grant of £9000 to Twocan for the ‘look up At The Stars’ initiative, will provide a programme of workshops with young disabled adults in comedy, script writing, and signing.

The Dramatic Change project enables all kinds of people with disabilities to engage in drama and film to make themselves heard, challenge our pre-conceptions of disability and engage the audience in the story as it develops. Look out for a performance in your area!

Did you know?

  • 150,000 people in Gloucestershire (16.7% of the population) have a disability.
  • 11,600 people (2.3% of the population) aged over 18 in Gloucestershire have a learning disability.

Hate Crime is a huge issue for disabled people, people often get abused on buses or in the street and as a result won’t use public transport at certain times or are fearful of leaving the house.

Evidence shows that people with learning disabilities have poorer health than the general population, much of which is avoidable. Women with a learning disability die on average 20 years earlier and men 13 years earlier.

Watch their fantastic video here