As coronavirus spreads across the globe, more and more people are being impacted through illness, isolation, panic, confusion and practical issues such as feeding themselves and their families. 

At Gloucestershire Community Foundation we are becoming acutely aware of the challenges facing Gloucestershire organisations that are working so hard to support the most vulnerable people in the county during these difficult and unprecedented times.

As a central point of support for local charities and community groups in Gloucestershire, we are working collaboratively, doing all we can to get funds, support and advice to organisations that are best-placed to keep vulnerable people safe and well, using a coordinated and structured approach to ensure that that vital funds reach those people most in need.

The coronavirus pandemic means that charities are facing both a shortage of income and increased demand for their services.  Food donations have reduced due to stockpiling, fundraising events have been cancelled and local charities cannot get out into their communities to do their usual fundraising.

At the same time, demand is increasing as a result of work lay-offs and isolation from usual support networks and many charities are having to work to increase their support to beneficiaries who are in more desperate need than ever.

Talitha Nelson, CEO at Gloucestershire Community Foundation, comments:

“Here at Gloucestershire Community Foundation, we are hearing continually of the impact that coronavirus is having on communities; both personally, financially and with the capacity of charitable organisations to support vulnerable people. It is vital that we all come together and support each other in these difficult and uncertain times. Charitable organisations are dependent upon donations to help those in need, and as a Community Foundation we want to ensure that the local support continues for as long as needed.”

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Please look at our Gloucestershire Coronavirus Emergency Response Fund page for more details and a link to our online application form