Gloucestershire Community Foundation (GCF) was established in 1989 to build a permanent and sustainable endowment to support communities in Gloucestershire.  Today, we have built a permanent endowment worth more than £7 million; we manage thirty Donor Advised Funds, several revenue funds, and we have provided grants to over four hundred community groups.

"The funding went towards a Community Organiser to continue connecting with residents and bring residents in different areas together to make new social alliances, reduce isolation, improve community cohesion and improve the environment."  Georgina, Community Roots CIC

We know our communities' needs through our annual Vital Signs research as well as our work to support grass roots community groups.  We offer unique insights into addressing some of society's most complex issues and work with key partners who can deliver solutions locally and we act as a trusted broker between donors and the voluntary and community sector in Gloucestershire.

Our membership to UK Community Foundations means we're quality accredited to high standards and give the best in philanthropy advice for Gloucestershire including:

  • match funding opportunities through government programmes and BIG Lottery
  • information on the latest developments in philanthropy, internationally and nationally

We address today's issues and take a longer term view of upstream interventions that will make a difference to future generations.

In order to deliver our vision we believe in strong partnerships with like minded organisations that take a strategic and innovative approach to tackle deep-rooted problems.

Whether you are an individual, a professional advisor or a community group we can help you develop your giving strategy

What is a community foundation?

If you've ever wondered why Community Foundations exist, here's a short film to explain what we do.