Gloucestershire Community Foundation estimates that almost a fifth of households in the county will not have the money to pay their heating bills this winter, those most at risk are over 85. Respiratory issues are 80% of the listed causes of death as these are exacerbated by not having any heating, such an avoidable, sad and lonely death.

Now with the added pressure of Covid and the isolation and financial strains many have faced this year it is more important than ever that we are able to support the most vulnerable in Gloucestershire.

Alarming are the stats from the Office of National Statistic's, shows "Excess Winter Deaths" in Gloucestershire are on the rise, to 300 people yearly. There are many assumptions that in a wealthy county such as ours these things aren't happening but they are, its just hidden, goes unnoticed.

This could be your relative, friend or neighbour....this is happening on our doorsteps

Gloucestershire Community Foundation distributes Surviving Winter grants to help those who have to make the difficult decision between food or fuel, no one should gave to decide between eating or heating, these are basic human needs.

What began as a vehicle for generous pensioners to ‘recycle’ their Winter Fuel payments, we say if you do not need your winter fuel payment pass it on....but this has also now developed into a giving portal for anyone who wants to help this winter.

The annual Surviving Winter campaign urges companies and individuals to support elderly and vulnerable people in Gloucestershire by making a simple donation.

We have seen great generosity this year in helping people through the pandemic but we hope our community can continue to show their generosity as many face a very difficult winter ahead and need our support.

Do Not Overlook a Life, Save a Life

Please Donate Now

Thank you so much from all at GCF and all of our recipients

If you would rather send in your Surviving Winter donation please fill in and send back this donation form